Anonymous asked: why is "hate breeds more hate" a bad thing to say?


Oh so many reasons.

1) it equates the anger of the oppressed to the hate of their oppressors.
2) it blames oppressed groups for their oppression. Bigotry doesn’t exist because people hate bigots. It exists because oppressed people oppose it. It exists because of bigots and because of privileged folks being complicit or tacitly condoning systems of oppression.
3) it’s fundamentally untrue. Hatred of oppression doesn’t lead to more hatred; it leads to progress.
4) it is used to attack any attempt by oppressed people to obtain liberation. Point out that something or someone is repulsively racist and all of a sudden you’re “breeding more hate”.

It’s a fundamental misrepresentation of reality that blames victims and excuses fucked up behavior.

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It honestly is utterly amazing how God can bless you in such an unexpected or random way.

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Still obsessing over this, thank sooooo much mommy😘💕🌻

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My favorite TV-shows → Misfits
"What if there’s loads of people like us all over town?" - "No, that kind of thing only happens in America. This will fade away. I’m telling you, by this time next week, it’ll be back to the same old boring shit.

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Happy Birthday, Jessica Williams!

Jessica joined The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2012 at the tender age of 22, making her the show’s youngest cast member ever as well as its first black female correspondent.

“It’s impossible to be perfect, and you won’t do a good job if you’re too focused on proving yourself to others. Instead, I try to envision myself succeeding in whatever I’m doing.”

How can I get down?

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If you make a Civil Rights movie and white people like it, it wasn’t a great movie.

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So what, all this, it never keeps you up at night?

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Photographer : lloydtheabstrac

Model : themindofmunity

Stylist : katherinekier

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I couldn’t appreciate her image until I was much older. When I was a kid she was just pretty and cool. But now I see what she represented. She had natural hair. Not a long bone straight weave down her back and her style was everything! She was called scary spice bc she was fierce!

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"Ooh, shock me one good time."

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