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leah and i high-tailed it to anaheim and stumbled across a group of young mothers screaming at the cops. “are you gonna fucking shoot me in the head too? and what about my baby boy? you gonna shoot him too?” “you had to get your cronies to come to anaheim? well welcome to the fucking ghetto, motherfuckers. your children are safe but you think you can just shoot ours dead in the streets!”

i saw 8 fat white pigs with faces like unbaked rolls and beards like birds nests tackle a 4’10 latina after she showed up with a sign and shook her ass in their faces. “what are you gonna fuckin do, motherfuckers?” they tackled her face-first into the pavement.

leah and i were separated on either side of her. a cop repeatedly grabbed leah and i was corralled into the parking lot with a group of men i had spoken to earlier. “you knew manny too?” one of them asked me. “no,” i answered. they fired rubber bullets and we scattered.

pigs flipped their high-beams to obscure footage. leah has good video. i don’t have anything more articulate to say. i am still reeling from watching an unarmed mother get trampled to the ground by white men with guns in front of her baby. i am still reeling from seeing guns pointed at me. i am still reeling from looking into the faces of these pigs with beads of sweat forming on their temples, eyes menacing with a hint of laughter. “i can get away with anything i do to you,” their eyes, guns, armored cars, flashing lights and rubber bullets said to us. and i knew they could.

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He was being chased by someone. Ran to his moms house. Police showed up and shot him. I repeat: the police murdered a black child two houses down from me in cold blood because the child committed the crime of being black and needing help.